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Custom IOT APP Development

From Edge to Cloud we make your product or services IOT ready

Making your product connected, your services smart and your business competitve.


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Custom IoT strategy development
IoT business models development
IoT product enabling
IoT product development


Custom edge solutions
Real time data streaming
Edge orchestration
Edge device management


Custom IoT apps
Tailored business logic
Cloud intelligence
Connected services


Are you a device manufacturer or a system integrator?

Our generic, scalable and modular applications can connect any sensor and any device or machine. 


Connecting any sensor      


Machine monitoring as a first step into industrial Iot

Radeon Sense

Remote radon monitoring

We speed Time to Market of your IoT enabled product.

New IoT enabled business s models can give your product and services a greate competitive advantage on the global market.


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To empower our clients business process we provide IoT applications for

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • B2Reseller
  • B2Servis

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